When one gets injured, it can be quite a daunting event. This in turn, is amplified with the uncertainty of not knowing which is a good orthopaedic surgeon to consult with for orthopedic, sports and musculoskeletal injuries.

These doctors are professionals we call friends, whom we have worked with for years, and we trust their work.

On every of the link of the doctors below, you can see their full credentials, experiences and even their clinic and contact details.

If you’re unsure of whom to see, please fill in the form below and let me know as much details as you can, and I will try to connect you with a specialist best suited for you or your loved one’s injuries.

Singapore Orthopedic Specialists Doctors

  • Dr Michael Soon
  • Dr Kevin Lee
  • Dr Chua Soo Yong
  • Dr Leon Foo
  • Dr Andrew Dutton
  • Dr Razmi Rahmat
  • Dr Benjamin Tow
  • Prof Hee Hwan Tak
  • Dr Yegappan Muthukaruppan
  • Dr Chang Haw Chong
  • Dr Jeffrey Chew
  • Dr Fong Shee Yan
  • Dr David Paul Bell
  • Dr Lim Kay Kiat
  • Dr Benedict Peng
  • Dr Francis Wong
  • Dr Tan Chong Tien

Sports Medicine And Injury Physicians

  • Dr Low Wye Mun

Obstetrician Gynaecologist Singapore

  • Dr Arthur Tseng

This list is non-exhaustive and we are slowly adding to the list. If you know of a doctor who should be added to this list, please contact us and let us know, thanks!

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