Dr. Tan Yi Roe

Qualifications & Achievements:
BSc in Biomedical Sciences (First Class Honours) Nanyang Technological University
Bachelor of Medicine (Chinese Medicine), Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Singapore TCMPB Registered TCM Practitioner (2011)
Member of NTU Chinese Medicine Alumni Association (CMAA)
Member of Singapore Thong Chai Academic Society

Core Skills:
Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion, Paediatric Massage, Infertility Treatment

After returning from her studies in Beijing, Yi-Roe has been actively involved in the TCM scene in Singapore. With her diverse working experience from charity clinics to established organisations, Yi-Roe has a rich understanding of the clinical profiles of TCM clients in Singapore.

Yi-Roes areas of specialty are in Pain Management and Gynaecology, with recent extension to Paediatric and Gastroenterology. Being an active sportswoman who enjoys playing various sports such as Basketball, Badminton and Tennis during her free time, she has developed a special interest in sports-related injuries too.

Yi-Roes vision as a TCM Practitioner is to provide integrated care by working together with her Western counterparts, so as to achieve maximum client wellness and recovery. Having an advantage of being bilingual, Yi-Roe can reach out to a wider population, truly understand their needs and educate them with appropriate TCM knowledge.