Curtis Koh

Core skills: Sport, Therapeutic and Relaxation massage Myofascial Release, Taping, Posture & Gait Analysis Curtis did his massage studies in New Zealand, he holds a Diploma in Massage (NZCM). In order to develop the treatments that he can offer his patients Curtis has also has increased his skills set by studying areas such posture analysis, gait analysis, sports taping and myofascial release. Before Curtis graduated, he was already performing massages in his school clinic using the skills he was taught during his time studying. He has also been very active in the community offering his services for outside events like marathons and sporting events. After Curtis graduated he decided to stay on in New Zealand and work as a mobile massage therapist. After returning to Singapore Curtis came to work at Urban Rehab. Curtis treats patients with a wide range of needs and is very adaptable. Practicing mostly within the central business district Curtis treats lots of patients that suffer with pain that arise as a result of ergonomic issues in the workplace. His patients often have issues that arise from work related demands such as sitting for long periods at the computer or standing for long periods on the trading floor. He also helps patients that do sports relive tightness both when they are injured and as a method of preventing injury.