Helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.

Hand Therapy

Rehabilitation of conditions affecting the hands and arms by an Occupational Therapist.

Chiropractor and chiropractic

The movement of the joints, soft tissue, and exercise of muscles, designed to relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation and improve nerve function.


A branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle and leg disorders.

Clinical Pilates

A form physical exercise combined with physiotherapy to recruit and retrain the muscles responsible for stability, control, balance, posture, strength and flexibility.

Massage Therapy

Reduction of muscle tension and stiffness by changing tension patterns that affect posture by highly trained massage therapists.

Personal Training

Achieve weight loss, fitness and performance goals with personalised training plans.

Chinese Medicine

Using techniques such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, tunia and moxibustion to provide a patient centred approach to medicine built on 2500 years of practice and theories.

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Clients Testimonials

  • Su Zhi Zhuang

    Hi! Thanks for following up...I felt better after treatment at Urbanrehab =)
  • Sidney Pang

    "Hi nigel ! Im good... back to lacrosse last week and general life now... thanks…
  • Tan Leng Leng Justine

    "Hi Nigel, yes, all is good here. Louise's advice & recommended exercises have been very…
  • Steph

    I saw Joanna regarding a calf tear and subsequent other issues. She is clearly a…
  • Jane

    I want to thank Joanna Sibbald for assisting my neck/shoulder area, which has been problematic…
  • Maggie Limb, MD/Physician

    When my father had a stroke, I took 2 months to be with my father,…
  • Sandra Hernandez

    When my husband fell into a coma and required daily rehabilitation therapy, Nigel provided my…
  • Suraj

    I was hospitalized because I had a relapse of my back pain. It was so…
  • Daisy Wong

    During the 2010 Asia Conference Charity Golf event, Corrine had invited two physiotherapists to provide…
  • Chandru

    Dear Karine Couldn't resist writing this today. All along I have had the 3 Ds--…

Meet the Team

  • Ken Lim

    Massage Therapist

    (since 2014)

  • Micaiah Meuer

    Senior Chiropractor

    (since 2013)

  • Emily Lim

    Senior Physiotherapist

    (since 2011)

  • Michelle Tong

    Senior Physiotherapist

    (since 2011)

  • Francesco Di Mattia

    Senior Manual & Rehabilitation Therapist

    (since 2009)

  • Georgina Tyrrell

    Senior Hand Therapist

    (since 2009)

  • Dorcas Sholanke

    Senior Podiatrist

    (since 2009)

  • Louise Yow

    Senior Physiotherapist

    (since 2006)

  • Nisha Mistry

    Senior Physiotherapist

    (since 2006)

  • Mary Rizkalla

    Senior Physiotherapist

    (since 2006)

  • Felicia Lee

    Senior Occupational Therapist

    (since 2006)

  • Jacob Praveen

    Senior Physiotherapist

    (since 2005)

  • Nigel Chua

    Senior Hand Therapist

    (since 2005)

  • Jacqueline Jeou

    Massage Therapist

    (since 2005)

  • Ee Laine Lee

    Senior Physiotherapist

    (since 2003)

  • Rabia Shah

    Urbanrehab Head of Operations, Senior Physiotherapist

    (since 2001)

  • Jenny Huang

    Senior Physiotherapist

    (since 1997)

  • Pang Kim Fong

    Senior Physiotherapist

    (since 1993)

  • Joanna Sibbald

    Senior Physiotherapist

    (since 1986)

  • Lucy Ho

  • Sharon Khoo

    Sports Trainer & Massage Therapist

  • Riesal Idries

    Certified Manual Therapist

  • Dr Kwong Seh Meng

    Deputy Medical Director
    Fullerton Healthcare Group (Singapore)

Our Recent Articles

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    Ms Vera Krilova

    I’ve had great experience with Urbanrehab, despite the unfortunate reason I have to be there in a first place. The front desk stuff was super responsive

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    Great warmth service from liyanna, effan & Francesco from Biopolis outlet

    Having a niggling injury has never been fun. Was referred to physio by my doctor & since it’s my 1st time. I was totally sceptical, cautious & certainly

  • Dorcas Sholanke Senior Podiatrist Singapore

    Dorcas Sholanke Senior Podiatrist Singapore

  • No

    Professional and kind service from Joanna Sibbald

    I saw Joanna regarding a calf tear and subsequent other issues. She is clearly a proficient and experienced physiotherapist, making a thorough and accurate - 2016